Scrap My Car – Norwich – Norfolk

Scrap My CarScrap cars legally offer a top service for customers wishing to dispose of vehicles who live in Norwich and throughout Norfolk, if you have a scrap car that you need to get rid of, we can help you.

Whether your car has been damaged in an accident and is not repairable or road worthy, or has expired because of old age and rust or because of a serious mechanical failure, our service will be of value to you. We can collect your vehicle from you, whether it’s from your home, work or nearby garage, saving you the time spent in transporting it to us.  A simple cash exchange takes place, and we will do the rest.

We recycle and de-pollute vehicles at our authorised treatment facility  (ATF), and we ensure that no vehicle handled by us will return to the road in any way. We recycle and dismantle scrap cars in accordance with the ELV European Directive.

We are licensed to collect your vehicle and recycle it, and we are a registered scrap metal dealers with Norwich Council. We are also registered  waste carriers.

Disposing of your scrap car in Norwich, couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is contact us via the form provided, and we will be in touch promptly to discuss collection. Have your photo id ready to show us and the registration document for the vehicle as well as V5c logbook and your car key.

We will generate a certificate of destruction online once your scrap car has been collected and processed. We send this to you through the post for your records.

Our service is offered seven days a week and includes evenings. The price paid by us is for a complete vehicle; however, we can still remove car parts for you, such as a stereo system or new battery. Just let us know in advance.

There are many reasons to scrap cars. We do not mind about the condition of the car. It might be damaged by fire, have failed its MOT or been involved in an accident. It might have a faulty gearbox or perhaps its engine has blown up, or it is simply too old to be road worthy. If it has wheels (this is a must for transportation), our service is offered to you. Simply read our terms and conditions and then request your scrap car collection it’s as easy as that..

Our online quotation form is quick and easy.

We need to know your name, post code and address. We also need your car registration number, and its make and model. Let us know if you have the log book, look here for how it works. if it is a complete vehicle and if the car starts. Tell us if you have the keys and if the tyres are flat or not to enable us to assess collection. Simply give us your email address, telephone number and the preferred date you would like scrap your car.

Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013

As a result of huge amount of crime within the industry new government legislation which has now come into effect we are no longer able to buy a scrap cars for cash, we offer online payments or cheque  read the legislation Here.