Can I Get Refund On Road Tax?


YES: You can get money back for every full month left on your road tax.

When To Remove Your Vehicles Tax:

Firstly if you car is parked on a public road do not remove your vehicles road fund license, until we have loaded it on to the back of our vehicle, it could get reported for no tax and lead to being prosecuted.

Refunding the tax:

This has all changed as from the 1st of October 2014 you no longer need to use the V14 form, in fact if you do use it to claim a refund it will be rejected. It is now far easier to get refunded when your vehicle has been scrapped, the Authorised Treatment Facility  (AFT) notifies the DVLA the vehicle has been scrapped and they send the registered keeper the refund. No need to use the V14

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