Lost Logbook – The V5c Registration Document

When you dispose of your vehicle ideally we will require the V5c logbook (registered keeper details) in most instances you will have the latest variant, (see images below) there are still old variants floating but few and far between.

If you are in possession of the current version we will complete section 9 (the yellow part) image of section 9 of v5c yellow partwith our official rubber stamp, this part is only applicable to the motor trade, this part is your responsibility to post back to the DVLA we suggest sending this by special delivery to minimise the risk of it getting lost, and in most cases the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency will reply informing you that you are no longer responsible for the vehicle.

Lost Logbook

If you have misplaced your V5c or your insurance company has retained it as your car could have been declared a total loss (beyond economical repair), you still have to notify DVLA that you have disposed of it, the only way of notifying them is by sending a letter, they will require proof of who it has been sold to.

As we supply you with a removal notice all you do is send a copy with a covering letter and that will be sufficient, and if all goes smoothly they will reply to you.

Below are images of logbooks new and old.

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