Preparing Your Car Before It Is Collected For Scrap.

One of the best ways to get rid of your old car is to have it scrapped at an auto salvage yard. The process is fairly straightforward although it may vary a little depending on company policy and your preference. Before you make an appointment with the operator, make sure that you have done the following.

Remove All Personal Belongings in the Car.

It is your responsibility, not the operators, to ensure that no valuables or personal belongings are left in the car. Go over the car thoroughly and make sure nothing important has been left in the compartments and pockets. You should also empty the trunk and don’t forget to look under the seats. It’s very important that you go through this process because once the car has been handed over to the operator, you can no longer retrieve the items.

Decide Which Parts to Sell!

You don’t need to turn over the entire car to the scrap service if you don’t want to. For instance, if the battery is still working, and you want to use it, remove the battery. And if you know some people who are interested in the car’s radio, seats, etc., you can remove those parts and sell them separately. However, you should only remove these parts if you know the exact steps, otherwise you could damage them.

Bring All the Necessary Documents.

Before your car can be scrapped, you must prepare all the required documents. Usually you’ll just need the V5, as it is proof, you are the registered keeper of the vehicle. If you don’t have the V5, then you need to present other documents as proof, such as your driver’s licence, passport or utility bill.

If you have the V5 though, look over section 9, as you and the operator need to fill that out. Once both parties have filled the form up, it will be given to the DVLA, and after the DVLA has finished going through the form, it will serve as proof that you’re no longer the registered car owner / keeper.

Find a Legitimate Scrap Car Dealer in Caister-On-Sea.

This shouldn’t prove too difficult, as you just need to go online and look for a scrap dealer near you. Compare the features and services that each site provides, and call them to get more information. Keep in mind that company policies vary so make sure that you and the operator understand each other.

Once you’ve decided on the operator, call them to set up an appointment and work out the amount you expect to get paid. This of course will depend on the condition of the car so an inspection will be done prior to the scrapping. Again, you can no longer search the car for any items that may have been left there, so that’s something you should do early.

Once your car has been scrapped, you’ll be given a Certificate of Destruction, evidence that your car has been disposed of properly and in accordance with UK laws. Furthermore, the certificate proves that your car is no longer in the DVLA system.

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