Recycled Vehicle Tyres What They Can Be Used For

As people are now more aware of the dangers of just leaving tyres in landfills, recycling has become the standard means for disposing of them. By recycling tyres, either through repurposing or breaking them down, these parts can be put to good use. While the recycling process may vary per recycling facility, the following information will give you an idea of how it works.

Collection of Tyres

The process begins with collection, where car owners or scrap metal dealers send old tyres to drop off recycling centres or sites. Recycling plants will accept tyres but arrange them according to the condition they are in. It is recommended that they are disposed of only in licensed tyre dumping sites, as dumping is against the law.

Shreddingtyres which have been shredded

Once the recycling company has obtained the tyres, the steel bead is removed while the rubber parts are mechanically stamped, cut or shredded into chunks, so they can be used for other products or applications. These may then be used in other cars, floor mats, soles for shoes, belts or household appliances.

Depending on the condition, a tyre that just requires a retread might end on up on the road again, as the manufacturer can simply replace the tread with a new one. Retreading is one of the most important byproducts of recycling, as a retreaded tyre only consumes 7 gallons of oil whereas a new tyre requires 22 gallons. Because of these savings, many UK government vehicles and industrial organisations use these tyres.


Shredded or crumbled tyres may be used in other ways, such as a surface for playgrounds. Crumbled tyres are ideal in this situation as it is softer than pebbles or gravel, which have been traditionally used. Schools may simply pour the crumbled tyres on the playground loosely, or make a soft foamy like surface by fusing the parts together.

Different methods can be used to join the chunks, but heating is the most common. Regardless which method is used, the result is that it would be a safer landing surface for children. However, the use of recycled tyres doesn’t end there as they can also be fitted as an extended chain and serve as a barrier for race tracks. These same tracks can also be used as a framework for reef systems.

Other Applications

Research is on-going to determine if recycled tyres can be used as fuel, and there are numerous projects involving the use of heat to turn tyres into byproducts like carbon black, gases or oils. In addition, tyres can be recycled into hot melt asphalt and as aggregate cement concrete.

Norfolk recycling centres can also cut these tyres, so they can be used as bark mulch in garden beds, ideal for holding in water and stopping weed growth. Furthermore, several “green” buildings that make use of recycled tyres Because there are so many ways that recycled tyres can be used, facilities use different methods depending on what the tyres will be used for.

Tyre Recycling Plant

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