Scrapping Paper Tax Disc Bad Idea

end of paper tax disc bad idea!Sometimes I do wonder what goes on in government behind closed doors, especially when they come up with the most stupid and seemingly ridiculous brain waves and when you think, this pattern could finally end, Yes; they do it again scrapping the paper tax disc.

So I sit down and think about this like most things with a calm thoughtful and open mind, and my conclusions are it’s yet another bad idea. So why have they come up with this brainwave well of course it’s back to the old one saving money, predictably they use other reasons to hide behind this time it’s ANPR, which has been a great innovation, and we do need this type of technology.

How ANPR Can Help

I’m not over keen on being watched 24 hours a day not that I have anything to hide. However, in today’s society, we do need it. Police cars fitted with ANPR is a thumbs up, as it picks up, all these motorists that seem to be of the mind that for some kind of reason, they don’t need to have Vehicle Insurance, Road Fund License, or MOT test.

ANPR works it picks up all these drives going about their daily business in their old bangers that they could have purchased from some dodgy car dealer trading from the roadside, £150.00 for a car with one-month mot test left, cheap! Well for them, it’s cheap, as the chances are there will be no intention of Re testing the car or taxing it and insurance. What’s that? And that’s why our insurance premiums always go up paying for this scum.

Paper Tax Disc Should Stay

Back to topic, so we don’t need paper tax disc; Yes we do, firstly, as motorists it’s not like we don’t pay for this four-inch paper square, and it should be displayed. It still helps uncover all these drivers who do not have the required documents to be privileged to drive, and here is one scenario. I am out for whatever reason going about my business, and unfortunately I am involved in a Road Traffic Accident which I may be to blame so let’s say you are the other party involved.

You drive a very respectable three-year-old Ford, and it is taxed and insured, etc…. You exchange details with me, no one has been hurt so no need to call Emergency services or police. However, you’re quite vigilant as three years ago you got hit by an uninsured driver and got injured, they had no tax disc on display, you subsequently found out to your horror they were uninsured.

You notice no road fund license in the screen of my car and decide to get the police to attend, and your right, I’m not insured, taxed nor is my vehicle road worthy; the police get a result! And one more illegal driver gets prosecuted, all this as a result of having to display a tax disc in the screen of a vehicle and a very good reason for to stay.

Having to display the disc can also identify the possible uninsured driver even for passing pedestrian to notice. There always seems to be that person for whatever reason never gets tax,insurance and drives a car fit for scrap. Bypassing detection from the ANPR brigade, and they can be the most obnoxious and vile person who lives in your street who you would love to see get their collar felt, and if they were obliged to display the disc, one could make that simple call, not that I advocate grassing people up particularly, but you know where I’m going with this.

One more illegal driver caught. The vehicle scrapped with a company like, for example.
Just, to sum up, this is an all-round bad idea, Keep the paper tax disc.

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