Things You Need To Do When Scrapping A Car

These days the process of scrapping cars is very much straightforward, and once you’ve arranged to sell your vehicle; you just wait for the appointed time and when the vehicle is scrapped you get paid. However, there are also certain things you need to consider and do after the scrapping.

Check the Documents.

Once you’ve scrapped your car, double check and make sure all the documents are in order. You’ll be given papers and a certificate stating that your car has been recycled in a legal manner, and that you were compensated for. The policy and wordings may vary depending on the service though, so prior to arranging a deal, it’s best if you study the service policy first.

Once your car has been delivered to the scrap company, hand over all the relevant documents, including the necessary certificates and Photo ID, handbook, keys and service history records. You should also hand over the car’s registration certificate V5cV5c registration certificate

and notice of sale / transfer so the process moves along smoothly. Although some companies will accept a car even if you don’t present all these documents, others don’t, so it’s important you have everything.

Again this is something you need to do before you proceed, but even so, it’s a good idea to go over your personal belongings and ensure no rubbish was left in the car.

Other Items to Bring.

In Wales and England, the law stipulates the car owner has to provide a photo card driving licence to confirm your address, date of birth and name. If you’re already at the scrap service and don’t have a photo card, a current utility bill, passport or bank statement would suffice. Before, during or after the scrapping procedure, the operator will make copies of the documents you showed, so make sure you don’t forget them.

Matters like the appointment time and quotation should be handled prior to scrapping the car, but if problems should arise, just make sure you bring all the necessary documents and emails you sent and received from the service so that everything is recorded. It’s also a good idea to keep a record of the cancellation fees and terms and conditions in case you decide not to go ahead.

Other Considerations.

Assuming you’re prepared and brought all the necessary documents, there shouldn’t be much left for you to do after your car has been destroyed. All that’s needed is wait for your vehicle to be processed. Remember though that an assessment of your car will be done prior to scrapping. This is necessary to ensure that it meets the quotation that you want, and to avoid problems after the process.

Once your car has been scrapped you will be paid, and the dealer will dispose of the vehicle. There are different methods of scrapping a car in Cromer, and it’s up to the service to decide which one is best for your vehicle. Once the car is scrapped, just wait for the confirmation to be sent to your email.

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