Tips For Scrapping Your Vauxhall Astra

There was a time when scrapping your Vauxhall Astra meant trudging through numerous scrap yards, getting some change and pay for the ride back home. Now things have changed as the Internet and new legislation have given car owners more options and legal protection.

Get Price Quotes Online

One of the most profitable ways to scrap your Astra is to get a quote from an on-line scrap dealer. Just look for “scrap car dealer’s UK” in Google, and services will be happy to provide you with an instant quote. All you have to do is enter your registration number and post code and the site will look for the best available price for your Astra. Usually, these services will also provide quotes for delivery and collection.

It’s important to remember that the quotes will depend on the Astra’s condition, your location and the prevailing scrap metal prices. Once you find a suitable scrap car dealer bring the necessary documents when you go to the recycling centre. Assuming your documents are in order, the centre will take care of the paperwork, the DVLA and finally, furnish you with the certification proving the car was disposed of properly.

Look for Authorised Treatment Facilities

No matter which recycling centre you choose, it is imperative that you choose an authorised facility to avoid potential legal problems. Fortunately, it is very easy to determine if the centre is legal or not, as legitimate ones have a licence and the documents to prove it.

Aside from bringing the appropriate documents, don’t forget to ask for the CoD (Certificate of Destruction), as the DVLA CoD will serve as proof that your Astra has been properly disposed of. An alternative, or addition, is to make sure that the ownership of the car has been transferred from you to the recycling centre. This is done using the V5 registration certificate, so bring that to the scrap facility. Proof of identification is also necessary, so your driver’s licence, passport or photo ID will be required.


Before you bring the Astra to the centre or have it collected, make sure that there is nothing of value left in the car. Since the car is still in your possession, it is your responsibility to make sure that no personal belongings are left in the vehicle. Once the Astra has been sent to the recycling centre, you can no longer inspect the car for valuables. If you’re thinking of salvaging some parts and selling them separately, remove them prior to sending the vehicle over to the facility. Once car ownership has been transferred, the recycler will commence scrapping and it cannot be stopped.

If you have all the documents ready, the recycling / scrapping will proceed without any hitch. Finally, if you’re thinking of scrapping your Vauxhall, Astra don’t forget to ask for a refund for insurance or unused road tax. Payment will be in the form of a cheque or bank account transfer, as cash is no longer allowed following the latest car scrapping law directive.

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