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Please complete this form if you do not have papers.

We have put this page/disposal form together for customers that do not have the V5c, logbook, registered keeper document. We appreciate these documents get lost or retained by the insurance company as a result of a vehicle being declared a total loss, you can additionally complete this form for a vehicle which has been abandoned on private property in Bungay in Suffolk for example, with abandoned  vehicles there is a procedure that you will need to go through, firstly you will need to make a reasoned decision that the car has been abandoned, items to check for would be, does it have a current road fund license, if yes then chances are it may not be dumped, if it does not how long ago did it expire if it’s over 3 months or more then it could well be abandoned.

How long has it been on your property, the longer it’s been there the greater the chance, it’s dumped. Did you know who the driver of the vehicle was? if yes then you need to try and contact them and ask them to remove it. Check with the Police to see if it’s of interest with them, when all avenue’s have been exhausted  you will need to attach a removal notice to the vehicle, minimum of 30 days and if it’s not gone complete the form below and we will come and take it away and have it crushed.

This is a free service for abandoned vehicles no charges will apply.

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