What is a Certificate of Destruction?

The Certificate of Destruction is a document which indicates a vehicle has been authorised for scrapping, and all the components will be handed over to authorised treatment facilities (ATFs). Only an ATF can issue a Certificate of Destruction, although there is usually a small fee for disposing of a vehicle. The certificate contains details of your vehicle, your name and address and information about the ATF and the environmental agency licensing authority.

When is the Certificate Issued?

The ATF gives the certificate immediately, but if that doesn’t happen, you will be notified by the ATF when and where you can get the certificate. If you are unable to get the certificate, you should fill your V5C with the appropriate information and notify the DVLA.

Once you receive the certificate, you should keep it because it is proof that you are no longer to be held responsible for the vehicle. Usually, the ATF destroys the vehicle after issuing the certificate, or it may take a while. Regardless whether the vehicle is destroyed immediately or not is no longer your responsibility.

If you are scrapping a vehicle that isn’t registered in the United Kingdom, the Registration Certificate should not be handed over to the ATF and instead given to the proper authority in the country where your vehicle has been registered. A copy of the UK Certificate of Destruction should also be included along with the Registration Certificate.

If you have a vehicle that isn’t covered by the regulations but want to have it scrapped, you should still send the vehicle to an ATF so the NoD (Notification of Destruction) can be updated and ensure the vehicle is disposed of according to UK laws. Once this has been accomplished, you should fill up the V5C/3 and submit it to the DVLA.

Reminders and Considerationscertificate of destruction example

Before you take a vehicle for scrapping, ensure that the facility is authorised because they are the only ones allowed by UK law to issue these certificates, and they are the only ones who are capable of disposing of the vehicle in an eco-friendly way. There are several authorised facilities available, but if you cannot find one, you should make contact with the Environment Agency in Wales and England. If you are in Scotland, you should contact the Scottish Environment Protection Agency for information.
Any of those abovementioned agencies will be able to provide you with lists of available ATFs, but you need to bring your V5C (Registration Certificate), although in many cases, you can still have your vehicle scrapped without the V5C.

If you own a personalised registration number and want to keep it, you have to move the number to another vehicle or keep it via a Retention Document prior to taking the vehicle to an ATF. You can go through the process of moving or keeping the registration number at any DVLA office near you. If you don’t undertake any of these steps, you won’t be able to keep your registration number. Furthermore, you need to make certain your insurance company doesn’t scrap it.

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