Who Are The Motor Vehicle Dismantlers Association?

the mdva membership badgeThe Motor Vehicle Dismantlers Association (MVDA), since its establishment in 1943, has had the same goal, and that is providing benefits and protection for metal recycles; salvage agents and vehicle dismantlers. As explained on their official site, the MVDA represents the interests of various members of the industry as well as its members and government regulators.

Purpose and Objective.

The MVDA provides its members with a number of benefits, including guidance and advice. In addition, the MVDA encourages professionalism of members so that trade; public and other consumers can have confidence in them. Most importantly, the MVDA provides the public assurance that all their members are professionals, licenced and legally operating in the UK. Furthermore, one is assured that the products and services they offer are legitimate and meet the UK standards.

Membership for MVDA is open to different companies, from large ones with multiple sites and locations, to small ones run by a single operator. As indicated earlier, the MVDA additionally accepts vehicle recyclers, vehicle dismantlers, salvage agents and other companies that operate in similar fashion. The MVDA also accepts companies that work in related industries such as service providers, equipment suppliers, body shops and recovery operators. Those who decide to join the MVDA must adhere to its rules and regulations.

Membership Benefits.

MVDA members are provided free phone service and respond to any questions that you may have concerning training, illegal operators, consumer protection and technical competence. Their members can also inquire about recycling targets, safety issues, permits and related legislation. In addition, MVDA staff will provide members with all the pertinent information they require.
In addition to these, the MVDA provides members with assistance and advice concerning insurance and advice how they can minimise risks. Furthermore, the organisation can make arrangements with brokers and insurers who can provide insurance for members.

Other Features and Functions.

The Motor Vehicle Dismantlers Association is also the source of information to and from government, ensuring members that they will be the first to know if there are policy changes that have been made, which could affect the industry. At the same time, the MVDA also acts as a bridge whereby members can tell the government how they feel about it. In other words, the MVDA will take all the steps necessary to protect the interests of their members. This is possible because the group provides inputs at the European Parliament and the European Commission.

Industry Schemes and Training.

The Motor Vehicle Dismantlers Association also provides information and training for its members, covering topics like fuel recovery, worn tyres, airbags, safety and more. All members of the MDVA, it should be noted, have to comply with all the bylaws of the organisation especially those that are concerned with the environment, safety, health and employment. The employment aspect covers training, wages and other aspects.
Finally, the MVDA requires members to have the authorisations necessary for their functions to be carried out, including environmental permits, planning permission, Waste Management licence, and a hazardous waste registration. Members of the group will also have access to the official website which has more information.